The easiest, fastest way to develop your server side LAMP web app. No coding required.

ModelBaker - a remarkable application that delivers point and click development so you can do amazing things for your business, your customers, organization and school.

Rapidly build a corporate intranet from scratch. Create custom client web applications and place your classroom online.

And build it all with a single mouse click.

From your Entity Models, ModelBaker can quickly generate the PHP and SQL code for you. Inserting your SQL into tables and having open code allows you to quickly build a foundation for your web application.

FormEntry Overview: iPad, iPhone and iPod touch development

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ModelBaker Overview

Quick comparison of all Widget Press software

ModelBaker 2.1
FormEntry for Mac 2.4
FormEntry Server 2.3
FormEntry Touch 2.4
FormEntry Touch
Private Label
Retail Price $19.99 Free Free Free $4,999
Operating System Mac OS X Mac OS X Mac OS X or Mac OS X Server iOS iOS
Description Generates code to be served from server-side web applications & delivered over the web. Designs and sends iOS form applications to FormEntry Touch over local Wi-Fi Bonjour network. Receives FormEntry documents and delivers FormEntry documents to iOS devices over a Wi-Fi Bonjour or Internet connection. Reader of FormEntry documents for iOS devices. Custom branding of FormEntry Touch with custom FormEntry form documents.
Submit final product to App Store - - - - Yes
End Users Use Any Web Browser FormEntry Touch FormEntry Touch & FormEntry for Mac FormEntry Touch Custom branded FormEntry Touch
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